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  1. lucie
    lucie at | | Reply

    I had a wonderful hypnotic experience with Lynn and I need the share it with all of you. We were on board of the Celebrity Century Mexican Riviera cruise and as we boarded our friends started to give us an orientation to a lifestyle ship when we met Lynn, my new best friend… she took one look at me and in an instance we connected. She came up to me and said she could hypnotize me and give me an orgasm… In front of a pile of people that were just walking onto the ship, she hypnotized me and had me cuming in my pants in less than 3 minutes… The following night we met Lynn in the disco where she had me climb on her lap and had me cum 5 times with the music blasting and a lots of people watching. This then became a nightly event in the Martini bar, and she even asked me to participate in her erotic hypnotism workshop as the demo :) She gave me and my husband some tips/key words which are a lot of fun, although my husband has not been able to hypnotize me yet (not for a lack of trying :). I can’t thank you enough Lynn, not just for the hypnotic experiences, but also for making our cruise such a wonderful experience, you are truly gifted. We will definitely be back and looking for you!

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