Permanent Positive Change: How to make it stick.

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Permanent Positive Change is Sexy

So… now that you’ve had an amazingly powerful hypnotic experience, how do you get to keep the change?  The answer is that you need to change some more things at the same time.  All around you are the “normal” things of your life.  You get accustomed to your surroundings so much, that they actually modify your emotions.

Did you ever have a great day, only to find that you lose that feeling when you get home?

It might be because you often sit in a particular chair when you are depressed.  Or you go for a certain type of food or drink.  If you do this often enough, your mind links the two things together.  It thinks “Oh, whenever she sits in that chair, she is unhappy.  So she must want to be unhappy because she is sitting in the unhappy chair.”   Have a great day?  Go get a coffee somewhere and just enjoy your happiness.  Have a session with Lynn or Todd?  Go rearrange your furniture or even just change the sheets on your bed.  Even better – take a short trip afterward.  Go see a fantastic movie or do something that you might not normally do.  Anything that will make a change from your same-old daily routine.

Stay away from negative influences like unhappy friends for a while.  Once you get used to the new you, your mind will make sure that it really becomes who you are.  Enjoy!

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