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Celebrity Century LAX Couples Cruise

Join Us on Celebrity Century May 3-10, 2014

We are excited to be sharing our message with hundreds of couples at sea with Couples Cruise.  Join us on on the Celebrity Century sailing from Los Angeles, California May 3-10, 2013 on a 7 night Mexican Riviera Itinerary. Feel-Sexy-Now.com is pleased to announce we are one of the featured seminars provided as part of the onboard experience.  Get ready… Read more →

Feel Sexy Now Couples

Permanent Positive Change: How to make it stick.

Permanent Positive Change is Sexy So… now that you’ve had an amazingly powerful hypnotic experience, how do you get to keep the change?  The answer is that you need to change some more things at the same time.  All around you are the “normal” things of your life.  You get accustomed to your surroundings so much, that they actually modify your… Read more →